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Guaranteed to last.

When it comes to the crunch, it’s not the promise that counts but the performance. So, good to know the performance does not break off even in peak times. This is why our systems are always designed for top performance. With bank-certified data security and German high-speed hosting, directly reach the fastest node. Promised? No. Guaranteed.

Performance Guarantee

For operating a marketing portal, speed and stability are critical factors of success, because where large amounts of data and complicated render processes are to be quickly processed, everything needs to be perfectly matching: from the hardware to the network technology to the software architecture.

Since we are convinced of the performance of our marketing portals, we guarantee you and your sales partners a smooth operation and an extremely fast response time – also at peak times. And to show you that we keep our word, we undertake by service level agreements (SLA) to provide you with performance reports on a monthly basis.

Performance Test

To determine the actual performance of our marketing portals, an external service provider was charged with the implementation of a stress test. This test exposed our marketing portal to different maximum scenarios to measure the speed as well as the stability of the portal at high capacity utilisation.

To achieve a result as realistic as possible, the testers decided to use load generators exactly simulating the user behaviour.

For this purpose, every single click has been reproduced that is to be done for editing and ordering advertising media. For example, the virtual users ordered individually designed business cards, a multiple-page brochure as well as an end-customer mailing. To guarantee maximum practical relevance, all associated steps, such as uploading images or adding signatures, were taken into consideration.


During the test, 1,000 concurrent users were simulated generating more than four million enquiries and about 88,000 test orders within one hour – an enormous load hardly reproducible in practice which makes the result even more impressive:

Handling an enquiry took an average of less than a second (0.85).


To ensure smooth operation at any time, our server structures are perfectly tailored to our system. The dynamically scalable server farms adjust themselves to the particular requirements (in real time) to ensure smooth processing of complex computer operations also at load peaks.

Bank Security

When it comes to your data, we do not accept compromise. Since the databases of our marketing portals often contain sensitive, personal information, data security is decisive.

This is why our state-of-the-art data centre is located in Germany. But that is not all: it was also certified according to the international standard for “Information Security Management Systems” ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and audited as secure for banks according to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz, KWG) Section 25.

Layout Engine

Trade communication that is flexible, yet nonetheless complies with your corporate design is hardly feasible using ready-made software solutions. A common standard at best meets your company’s individual requirements. BRANDAD Systems marketing portals are tailor-made solutions that look and work the way you want them to.

Thus, your sales partners have unlimited possibilities to make optimum use of the defined creative leeway, for example, with individual texts, offers, images or logos for regional advertising campaigns.

In-house development

Completely developing our software in-house has always been one of our most important concerns which is why our layout engine is proprietary.

Of course, we could have fallen back on existing solutions such as Adobe InDesign Server for our core technologies. Yet only those having full control of their codes can influence every detail of their solutions. This provides crucial benefits both in terms of flexibility and performance. Compare yourself!


Our marketing portals are fully developed in-house. This way, we are not restricted by technical specifications of external software solutions and can therefore ensure that you do not have to make any cutbacks with respect to functionality or layout.


The speed of a marketing portal is decisive when it comes to long-term acceptance of your sales partners. Applications with long response times will not be accepted. The system architecture of our marketing portals guarantees extremely fast response times. We commit ourselves to this end by Service Level Agreements (SLA) and provide you with corresponding performance records on a monthly basis. To put it plainly: if you are not satisfied with our performance, you will get your money back!


BRANDAD Systems marketing portals are solutions that have grown over the years. All functions and modules have been developed by us and perfectly match. This way, we can always adjust our systems to changes in requirements and extend them by new modules.

Open interfaces

Since we have full control of all elements of our marketing portals, we have all options available to connect your existing systems via flexible interfaces.


You retain the possibility to flexibly adjust your marketing portal to changes in market requirements or strategic focus without having to worry about the functionality.

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