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Reaching. further.

We like questions the most that others consider not feasible. This might be because of the fact that we have been developing based on agile methods for several years now. Or due to the fact that we know our code best, since we wrote it ourselves and have remained technically independent.

Individual solutions made to measure

In addition to our extensible standard product, we also develop completely customised software solutions according to your requirements. Since our products have been fully developed in-house, it is easy for us to comply with your needs. No matter if it is connecting existing interfaces or completely new features, we are able to develop a marketing portal according to your needs due to being independent from predefined standard software and external layout engines.

Where we come from

We are particularly good in individually developing software solutions – tailor-made for our customers. This is our speciality, this is where BRANDAD Systems has its roots. For over 15 years, we have been focusing on designing sophisticated high-performance software solutions for renowned customers exactly complying with their requirements. It has always been our aim to not only work to rule but to show our customers further perspectives to make optimum use of their brand communication based on our experience.

Agile Development / Scrum

With agile software development based on scrum, software applications are gradually developed in short sprints and immediately assessed by the customer.

Our agile software development is based on the perfectly embedded development methods, i.e. eXtreme Programming, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration. These methods make it possible to produce stable software from the first line of code that can be rapidly and safely developed at any time. Another major advantage of agile software development is that agreed development stages are continuously completed, checked and handed over immediately.

This way, also complex and far-reaching requirements can be taken into account during the ongoing development process. During this process, both your feedback as well as that of your users is incorporated in the software development to determine the direction for the next development phase.

You have control over the scope, function and design of your marketing portal from the very beginning of the development to the final product.

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