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Pioneers. always.

As pioneers of the industry, we have been developing cleverly worked out marketing portals since 1999. Our 80 employees have a soft spot for an unconventional approach and convincing systems our users love. Also with regards to the working culture, we have been leaving beaten tracks since 2011 developing towards an agile organisation. Because we believe that excellent forward-thinking products require three basic principles for creativity: a maximum level of personal responsibility, consistent team play and the use of individual strengths.

BRANDAD Systems at a glance

BRANDAD Systems is the leading software expert for marketing portals in Europe. Since 1999, we have been pioneers of the industry. About 80,000 active users make our portals some of the most popular marketing applications.

As technology leader, we support our customers to realise their ambitious goals always focusing on the customer’s benefit: the sustainable success of brand communication.

Marketing portals of BRANDAD Systems are completely proprietary and therefore provide maximum performance and flexibility. We thus set standards for companies putting their brand success at the centre of business activities. We work with agile development processes ensuring our customers that we comply with the time schedule and budget once set.

BRANDAD Systems is an independent software provider. With around 80 employees, we focus on operating and further developing marketing portals as our core competency.

We bear responsibility for our customers, employees and products which is why we prepare BRANDAD Systems for the future with ambitious development and investment programmes.



The history of BRANDAD Systems starts in a small advertising agency in Erlangen. There had been conflicts between the car dealers the agency was in charge for and their car brands. In particular the missing possibility to individualise advertisements leads to discrepancies with the central brands. The fact that the car dealers want to highlight their own identities bothers also the manufacturers. In many cases, the conflicts escalate when settling the advertising allowances at the latest.

What is missing is an advertising media management providing lasting benefits for both sides. The founding team quickly realises that the growing medium Internet is the only meaningful way out of this predicament.

This is the motivating force behind the foundation of the start-up, MultiVisual GmbH, in Nuremberg. And it soon turns out to be the right idea: with BMW, the first pilot customer is onboard – two venture capital companies provide for the necessary financial support.


More than 800 BMW dealers all over Germany benefit from the first marketing cloud – which was still known as ASP solution back then. Also Škoda, Volkswagen and Audi show their interest in the innovative system.


Due to its investors, MultiVisual falls victim to the stock market crash. Unlike other start-ups of this time, Joachim Stelzer and his team managed to continue business – without significant interruptions. BRANDAD Systems was born!

BRANDAD Systems moves to the historic centre of Fürth and rapidly increases to 40 employees. BMW, Škoda, Volkswagen and Audi gradually expand their activities on their marketing portals. Further customers from the automotive sector add: Mitsubishi joins Opel and Citroën, all counting on BRANDAD Systems.


The space on Gustav-Schickedanz Street is too narrow. Just one street further, there is an impressive art nouveau building with an area of more than 700 m2 across five floors – finally enough space to expand!


GmbH becomes AG: however, changing the type of company does not change our solid and long-term growth strategy.


Paradigm shift at BRANDAD Systems: development becomes agile! Sounds simple, however requires the colleagues to fundamentally rethink the situation. Yet, it does not take long and the decision proved to be absolutely right: scrum and eXtreme Programming now dominate everyday life.


Other industries work, too! Allianz – one of Germany’s biggest insurers – adds to the list of customers. In a smooth migration process, BRANDAD Systems supersedes the former Allianz marketing portal. That way, the marketing support for more than 9,000 Allianz partners runs smoothly, even at peak times!


Brand Base launches! Again, BRANDAD Systems breaks the mould with the first standard product. From now on, also smaller customers can profit from the long-term experience.


What has been most inspiring for the development since 2010 now becomes the guiding principle for the whole company: not only do agile methods cause us to concentrate more on the customer but make BRANDAD Systems a particularly attractive employer.


With Brand Base v6 Silvretta – release 6 of our fast marketing cloud – we clearly focus on internationality. New features make international marketing easier than ever.

Partner Drive

BRANDAD Systems builds on a solid set of values. The brand core "Partner Drive" provides the basis for our joint action. This means that we understand the different customer and user challenges and lead them to success in one marketing portal.


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