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About Marketing Portals

Marketing portals are perfectly suited for all companies whose brand presence needs to harmonise across many locations. They offer access to different assets such as layouts, image data, multi-media contents or text material. In addition to that, they allow adjustments in terms of contents to local requirements within the joint corporate design as well as booking, managing and settling local measures.

Many terms, one system?

Marketing portals are also called Marketing Management System (MMS), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Marketing Efficiency Cloud, Local Branding Portal or Brand Management System. Formerly also known as "Marketing Automation System", marketing portals separate themselves in particular by integrating local sales partners or subsidiaries into the marketing processes while "Marketing Automation" today rather represents the automation of direct customer relationships.

Like web-to-publish, just better!

Conventional web-to-print or web-to-publish systems enable the creation of printable templates via a browser. This functionality is also offered by a modern, cloud-based marketing portal. But it is the interoperability with other systems and functions such as work flow servers, Product Information Management (PIM), Media Asset Management (MAM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Media Databases, Disclaimer Management or diverse interfaces that makes it a valuable tool for decentralised brand management.

A perfect rollout ist the best idea.

The brightest minds puzzle over effective strategies, the best copywriters formulate convincing messages and the most creative minds create fascinating visual worlds turned into great campaigns by smart planners.

And then? The communication is then to be rolled out via the local brand partners even in the most remote places.

You lean back and relax when thinking about this scenario? Congratulations: you may deal with other tasks than decentralised marketing. Or you might already be using a BRANDAD Systems marketing portal.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

You don’t feel like laughing when thinking about consistent and nationwide partner marketing? Then you certainly know enough scenarios like this: some people do not care about your templates in the first place, others think it is particularly inventive to make their logo prettier by adding a few flowers, still others do not care about the fact that legal information needs to be added or suddenly come up with the idea that this new purple colour with little stars appears more modern than the old-fashioned blue colour of your corporate design anyway.

Yet nowadays, such problems are quite easy to solve by using a BRANDAD Systems marketing portal. All sales partners have access to centrally provided measures such as advertisements, banners, posters or entire campaigns. With just a few mouse-clicks, the local partner completes or changes the templates – however only within specific boundaries, since the corporate design remains unaffected!

Contents can be easily changed, the corporate design remains unchanged.

The numerous modules and tools provide maximum variety and ensure that all measures are perfectly coordinated and can be used at any place. Everywhere the same design, everywhere with the required localisation. This way, both the central marketing and the local sales partners benefit.

Marketing portals: who benefits from what?


The most important benefits for your central marketing:

  • Consistent compliance with the corporate design
  • Significant cost savings due to self-service and short distances
  • Overview of all partner activities by means of reporting
  • Central control and maintenance of all templates and measures
  • Rollout at lightning speed

The most important benefits for your sales partners:

  • Professional advertising measures without prior knowledge
  • Planning of all measures using one system
  • Flexible adaption of central templates
  • Booking or ordering directly via the system
  • Automatic settlement of advertising allowances


Marketing portals for all distribution types

Contracting Parties

Tied distribution channels with independent sales partners do not only benefit from a marketing portal because of the uniform brand presence, but in particular also because of the direct connection of the local to the nationwide communication. The process from completing the templates to locally using those takes just a few days. This not only saves time and money, but opens up a whole new range of campaign management options!

Franchise systems

The key benefit of all franchise systems suggests the use of a marketing portal: once designed, entire campaigns as well as individual measures can be reproduced at local level any number of times. The fact that it is particularly easy to react to specific local conditions makes the use of a marketing portal even more valuable.

Branch systems

Also branch systems profit from a marketing portal in many ways: the particularly high requirements for a unique brand presence can be consistently met on site while – at the same time – a flexible reaction to local conditions or particularities is possible at short notice and on a most professional level.

Cooperating groups

Cooperating groups have always made use of the benefits of taking joint action – also in the field of marketing. However, while many a time a joint brand presence has required particular effort so far, the planning and implementation using a marketing portal becomes as easy as pie, since despite all sense of community, the systems provide almost any flexibility when it comes to rule-based and individual adaption of the particular cooperating group members. This is how professional marketing comes into being – fast, flexible and cost-efficient.


A marketing portal is the perfect solution for every organisation having to deal with comparable communication tasks at different locations. This does not only apply to the commercial field, but also to organisations such as political parties, clubs, associations, authorities, NGOs or non-profit organisations. They all profit from a uniform appearance, consistent availability and an extremely easy handling.

Perfectly suited for many industries, such as:


  • Automotive industry
  • Insurance and financial sector
  • Food service industry
  • Travel industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Hotel industry
  • Funeral business
  • Driving schools
  • Trade
  • Stationary retail industry
  • Telecommunications industry
  • Healthcare
  • Political parties
  • Authorities
  • Furniture industry
  • Branded goods in general
  • Sporting goods industry
  • Clothing industry
  • NGOs
  • Clubs and associations
  • Non-profit-organisations

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